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Yesterday I showed you a hilarious video about the trends that we should leave in 2014. Today, this new trend alert is something I am actually excited and more than willing to try. Just as the title reads, we can now get eyebrow extensions!

Let’s be honest, when we first got introduced to Tweezers many of us got really excited and started grooming our brows. Many of us all of a sudden had two distinct brows, some of us had our brows perfectly shaped, and then some of us got super Tweezer happy and over tweezed our brows.  Fast forward many years and those of us, because yes I’ve done it too (as recent as like two weeks ago 😦 ), that over tweezed our brows are either stuck with always having to fill them in with pencil and powder or having to wait for super the slow growing out process, in which you’re still filling them in.

Well, here’s a solution! Occi’ Lash & Brow Studio has a temporary solution for us! That’s right!  Occi’ Lash & Brow has brought with them this European trend and it is the only salon in the U.S. that is certified to teach this technique.

So how does it work? An aesthetician uses a bright light on your brows so that she can have the best visibility for your brows. Next, she tweezes any stray brows and begins the process: she takes high-quality surgical glue and one by one she applies individual synthetic hairs to your brows.

This process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour and half. The price range is from $45.00-$150.00.

They also offer a service called Hi Brow, which consists of brow tinting, waxing, shaping and tweezing of your brows.
Hi Brow is $60.00 and up
Hi Brow Tint is $30.00 and up
Hi Brow Wax & Shaping $35.00 and up

Your brows will last you anywhere in between 10 to 14 days.  They also have very specific care instructions, for example you can’t get your brows wet, tan, swim, have hot bath, steam showers, facial steamers, and apply makeup to them for 24 hours.

I would definitely consider this, actually, I’m already considering it, and hoping that they bring their services to Phoenix.  Imagine being able to correct that over tweezed or overly trimmed brow? No more filling it in and hoping that it looks as natural as possible. If you live in the Chicago area, (lucky you!), you can actually stop by at Occi’ to get your brows done. They also offer lash extensions and let me tell you, amazing!

Would you consider having brow extensions? Have you had them done? If so, please share your experience!