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We all know that Spring is almost just around the corner and we need to be ready for trends, especially our nail trends! Can you tell I’m excited?! During last year’s Fashion Week, we saw a lot of nail trends that still haven’t really taken off, so I’m here to give you some ideas to get a head start.

I’m just going to dive right in!

Soft Pastels

A very classic look, pastels are going to be big this Spring/Summer.  Pair it with a matte top coat and your mani instantly changes.  Choose from pinks to all of the “baby” shades of the rainbow, and pale colors you won’t regret it!

Metallic Graphic Negative Space

How cool are these?! Think of a design, like above and only use metallic colors to give you an edge and awesome compliments. These are simple yet make a big statement!

Delicate and Edgy

If you don’t own a nude nail polish yet I highly recommend that you get your pretty hands on one. Why? The picture above says it all. This look can be achieved by using a matte top coat and placing crystals to accent your nail.

Glittery Reversed French Mani

These glittery half moons or reversed French mani will have you be the envy of your friends for not thinking about it first.

Glitter Top Coat

Yes, glitter nail polish can be a pain to remove, but look at it in the bright side: when used as a top coat, they prevent your nails from chipping a lot quicker than with a regular top coat. Pair it with a pale or nude base like above for this cool look.

Negative Space Mani

You have to try the Negative Space mani like how I did (I love this picture!). It can be a bit time consuming I’ll admit, but if you love a good challenge and are let your creative juices flow I know you can create some pretty cool negative space combinations!

The key to your mani is to have and create something that reflects on your personality and tastes. Choose colors that you wouldn’t normally consider, add decals and make it edgy and your own!