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Hello! Sorry about not posting yesterday, I’ve been under the weather and I just wasn’t all that great. Anyways, I’m feeling much better today and I have your daily dose of a post. On Friday I introduced you to Alo and to her amazing talent, I also showed you how she applies her fake lashes. Of course I had to try it out over the weekend and here are the results!

Here’s the video and instructions of how she does her lashes.

First apply your lashes how you normally would… I’m using the same glue to apply and to stick lid to band but you can use a diff one for the actual lash application. (Use this particular one for the lid and lash band tho) when lash is on apply a thin coat of this duo to lash band as well as right above the lash band. You want an even line so when you fuse them together you have a nice even look. THE GLUE ITSELF WILL NOT GIVE YOU THIS HOLD. You can also use this technique over shadow… Same process just more caution as you don’t want to remove your shadow. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. If you don’t get it right the first time it’s ok. 

Seems not so simple, and it wasn’t, but I tried it out. First I went out and purchased Revlon’s Precision Clear Lash Adhesive, which is waterproof and latex free. The glue has to be latex free as the latex will damage the band of the lash. Side note: I’ll be doing a review on this glue, it’s the BEST glue ever! I purchased it at CVS and it was under $5.00.

The glue goes on in a bluish tint and dries completely clear

Here’s how I did it:

I applied the lash as normal and then I added glue to the band of the lash. Then I tapped my finger under my lash and pushed it up to have my lid cover the lash band.


I repeated the same process on my right lashes and this was the outcome

Looks awesome right!!! I mean you can’t really see the band at all! Afterwards I tight-lined my eyes so that way it would be a seamless lash application.

   The removal process was a bit difficult, ok, I’m lying, it was a bit hard. This glue is really good! Here’s my struggle:

One thing I will stress is to please, please, PLEASE be extremely gentle when removing the lashes. As the glue is quite powerful, you will have to tug and pull in order to remove them.  Once removed, the glue will still be super tacky. I first just used my trusty eye makeup remover to remove the excess glue but it didn’t work. So then I tried organic coconut oil to remove it and that didn’t help either. I finally just washed my face with Dove soap, focused on my eyes, and majority of the glue came off. Afterwards I dipped a cotton ball in the coconut oil and let it sit on my lashes for 2 minutes, then wiped, and finally the glue seemed to be fully removed.

Would I recommend this technique? Yes. Practice definitely makes perfect. I was did this for 3 days straight and by the last day I was even able to apply them while in a moving vehicle! Would I recommend this for an every day use, (for those that use lashes every day), NO. The reason being is because our pores in our lids can get clogged and the constant pulling and tugging on your very sensitive and delicate eye lids could leave them a bit irritated. Would I try this again, uh yeah! My lashes looked amazingly natural and they never lifted in the corners! This is definitely something I would try on clients but only as an option after explaining to them the process.

Would you guys try this trick? Do you guys have a different trick on how to apply your lashes to where they look super natural? Let me know!