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Hello! I’m sorry I didn’t have a post for you all ready yesterday, I’ve been under the weather and my doctor gave me some medication that had me out all day. But I’m back! Paris Fashion Week already started and I’ll be covering that in the next few posts because of course we need to know the trends coming towards us! Today though, I’m going to tell you about Real Technique’s Bold Metals Brush Collection!

This collection has been an anticipated one and many makeup artist couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. Real Technique’s has a really good reputation with their normal brush line (I own several) so I know the feeling of them releasing new brushes.

The line consists of 7 brushes, aptly numbered and color coded and it is only Exclusive to Ulta in the States and Boots over seas.  The set is categorized into three types, Base, Eyes, and Finish.  They are made of super soft, synthetic nylon fibers and come in gold, (the base), rose gold (finish), and silver (for eyes) handles which are completely different from their normal brushes.  These are skinnier and heavier towards the ferrule which makes you hold the brush in a completely different way.  The bristles are white with a slight pink ombre effect from the ferrule with their corresponding colors.

100 Arched Powder Brush
This brush is domed cut and sweeps perfectly across the face for flawless application of pressed or loose powders.  The brush will cost you $25.99 and you can get it here. I’ve heard really good reviews about this brush in particular.

101 Triangle Foundation Brush
This is a triangle foundation brush, and when I mean triangle, I mean that the ferrule is also in a triangle shape.  The flat edges cover large areas of the face and the angled edges contour around your eyes and nose.  This will cost you $23.99 and you can get it here. I’ve heard conflicting reviews for this brush in particular. With many loving the flat side and many disliking it. It sort of reminds me of Sigma’s 3DHD Kabuki brush.

300 Tapered Blush Brush
This was specifically designed tip highlights and sculpts across the cheeks for a seamless finish.  With a price tag of $23.99 and you can get it here. I’ve actually heard some really good reviews about this brush, specifically that it is perfectly shaped for applying blush and contouring.

301 Flat Contour Brush
This densely packed brush creates shadows and highlights on targeted areas of the face. This brush will cost you $25.99 and you can get it here. Surprisingly, or maybe not, but this has been the brush that many have been coveting and the reviews that I’ve been seeing and reading have not been as great. This brush is for contouring, but what every review has said is that the fibers are packed so densely that it doesn’t do its job properly for contouring.

200 Oval Shadow Brush
This full round shape allows for all over lip application and used for blending. This brush will cost you $15.99 and you can get it here. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about this brush, especially if you already own their shadow brush, you’re going to love this one.

201 Pointed Crease Brush
This densely packed tapered bristles apply eyeshadow for a smokey effect. It is $15.99 and you can get it here. This brush was designed this way to give you a more dimensional look and also it’s firm enough to where you can blend the color along your lash line.

202 Angled Liner Brush
 This firm, slanted head fits close to the lash line for a smooth, even application of eyeliner. This brush will cost you $15.99 and you can get it here. This brush it said to be a multi-purpose use. You can use it for your gel liner as well as for your eye brows using either powder or wax.

What do you guys think about it? Will it be something you would pick up? I am actually going to be picking up some of the brushes, which ones? I’m not sure yet, but definitely going to be purchasing them and will give you guys a full review!