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Happy President’s Day! For those of you that have the opportunity of not working today, enjoy it! And for everyone that is at work, here’s something to help you lose some time and make you daydream: Christian Louboutin’s Beaute Nail Coffret.

Coffret, pronounced coh-ffreh, is a box, but because it is Christian Louboutin who is bringing us this amazing coffret I found it to be spectacularly well planned, just like everything else that he does.

Mr. Louboutin released his beaute nail collection last year and it’s been a wild success much like his very famous red-bottom shoes.  Without further ado…

Python Vulcano Limited Edition Nail Colour Coffret
Three new miniature edition colours are enclosed in this beautiful Python Vulcano print box, decorated with the same print as the Spring 2015 shoes and bag, incorporating blue and white pain splatters over shades of gray and cream. This was inspired by Jackson Pollock’s drip-technique paintings.

The collection comes in three colors:

Salonu, which is an opaque cement white, similar to heels that inspire it

True Blue: which was inspired by the Madonna song, this is a very pretty periwinkle blue.

Hot Chick: a vivid yellow that evokes the seductive-yet-playful appeal of the Hot Chick shoe.
This will cost you $90.00 and you can get it currently at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf’s at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll also be available at Sephora really soon.

What do you guys think? I really love the box, and quite honestly, I love the entire design of his nail polish bottles, they’re just so unique! The price, for mini nail polishes is a bit steep, but it is Christian Louboutin that we’re speaking of. As for the shoes… I’ll take a pair of Hot Chick in every single color please!!!