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Hi! On Friday I had mentioned that there were new things happening in my life and that I would be sharing with you all today.

I’m beyond excited to let you all know that I’m moving to New Orleans this week!

My husband is from New Orleans and he’s too excited to go home and I’m excited for the new opportunities that we are going to get to experience. The food, the culture, the history, the beauty, has gotten my mind in so many gears with different ideas that I can barely contain them! Did I mention the food?! Lol 😉 I LOVE their food!

I also have been slowly working very diligently on a new website for my makeup portfolio which will integrate my blog. It will still be called Haute Makeup but the address will change. Since it’s not live yet, Haute Makeup will continue as is. Once I finish the site it’ll be a dot com that will showcase my makeup artist portfolio primarily and the blog secondary. The layout is amazing and I’m sure you all will still like it.

Finally, I’ll be taking photography courses to learn how to shoot, as I believe it could be a great asset to my craft and can really elevate it. As of right now it’s more of a passion hobby but I’m hoping and praying and using the laws of attraction to make it into more just like with my makeup.

The posts this week may be a bit sporadic as there is a lot of packing to do and I’ll do my best to have them on que instead of writing them every morning as I have been doing for the past 2 years. Once we’re fully settled I will probably have a few posts here and there detailing the beauty of New Orleans, the food, and it’s culture, and giving you an update on how things are going.

The blog will continue as normal probably by the beginning of March, like the 3rd or 4th after I get a routine down and stop gorging myself with food lol. Thank you all for continued support, I more than appreciate it, I love doing this and my artistry and wouldn’t change it for the world and if I could do both and adding photography as a full time career I would do it in a heart beat!