Hi all! I hope this week has been going good for you all! As many of you know, I’m in the middle of moving from Phoenix to New Orleans and it’s been an adventure to say the least. 

We did a quick stop in New Mexico for food, fill up, and to say hello to my best friend. We were not expecting for the cold wind!!! 

Next up was Texas! If anyone has travelled through Texas, they know that it is a bunch of nothing for a very long time and that’s exactly what we saw for some hours! 

We stopped to again fill up and when we got off the cold sucker punched us!!! It was below freezing!!! The Mr quickly changed from his shorts to pants and threw on his sweater and I just switched from a normal cardigan to a hoodie. I don’t play in cold weather lol 😉. Once we got on the road this is what we were heading into:

All that you see is a huge rain/ice storm coming in or I guess we were driving into. We were able to keep going for like an hour until we made it to Fort Stockton and we had to call it a day. The temperature dropped even lower and the roads were iced, which is the worst condition for any driver. 

This morning was still raining and in the low 20s so we didn’t depart until close to mid day. That my dear friends is ice… everywhere! It was on the grass, on the car, just everywhere. 

As I’m typing this, we are approximately 3 hours away from San Antonio and this is my beautiful view: 

We won’t be arriving to New Orleans until past midnight. 

I’ll try and have another post hopefully by Monday and show you guys the beauty that is New Orleans 😊