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Hola! I’ve been wanting to do this post for quite some time but I just haven’t gotten to it until today.  Being in New Orleans has definitely made me want to do this post because the weather here is so different, mainly, there’s a lot of humidity and I sweat in the tiniest of humidity. Plus what happens when you sweat? Your makeup goes right along with it! 

As I’m still trying to get acclimated with this city, I have noticed that my skin has been trying to do the same and it has been a battle. At times my face will be oily, which it rarely was back home in Phoenix, or it will be perfectly dewy, or I’ll be sweating as if I just got off the treadmill.

After I did my makeup, the minute I stepped outside and had the humidity assault me I started to sweat and my makeup was slowly but surely disappearing with each pat I gave myself with my napkin. Thankfully I had to come back inside and realized that my makeup was practically gone. Instead of going for full heavy foundation, I opted to use Garnier’s BB Cream and quickly applied bronzer and some blush. When I had first originally done my makeup I powdered my face but that wasn’t enough, so what I did this time around I quickly reached for one of my setting sprays. The results? Minimal sweating (I don’t attribute this to the setting spray) and my makeup was pristine up until the very early morning.

Since I’ve been here I’ve experimented on which setting spray would be the best as well as setting powders, but the powders will have to be for another post. Let me tell you which are the best, and I’ll start with the least best to the number 1 in my opinion, but I’m sure you all will agree with me as well.

5. e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set
Please don’t push e.l.f.’s cosmetics to the side only because they are extremely affordable, they have several gems that I’ll be talking to you about later. This setting spray will cost you a whopping $3.00 at Target (I haven’t seen it anywhere else other than online). This gets last place because I’ve used this while in Phoenix as well and it only holds and sets my makeup for maybe 2 hours and then it slowly starts to disappear. No bueno.

4. NYX Dewy Finish
Following in the steps of e.l.f. is NYX’s Dewy Finish setting spray. This spray will cost you $7.99, much more pricier than expected and disappointed as well. This lasts just the same as e.l.f. and I actually looked like I had shimmer all over my face. Just didn’t like it.

3. Makeup For Ever Mist & Fix Sealer
I know you’re probably gasping because how is it that MUFE is 3rd on the list when it’s MUFE?! Plus they make the best setting powder! Yes darlings, I have it at number 3 because it does prolong the wear of your makeup, it really does. This setting spray does it’s job, but not as good as number 1. Plus with a price tag of $29.00 and not doing what it’s expected is a no no in my book.

2. MAC Fix +
MUFE and MAC’s setting sprays are basically the same thing. Same outcome, same everything but the price. MAC won’t set you back $30.00 but it will set you back $22.00.

1. Skindinavia Finishing Spray
Did I surprise you here? Just wait, I’ll surprise you even more in a bit, maybe. I’m sure you’re asking why on this list Urban Decay’s setting sprays are no where to be found right? The reason is that Urban Decay DOES NOT make their setting sprays, Skindinavia does! Here, take a look:
This is the back of UD’s old packaging, but the new one has the exact same thing, even on UD’s webpage it states that they are made by Skindinavia
See…. When comparing both Urban Decay and Skindinavia there is really no difference other than the packaging, the sizes, and of course their prices. You can get UD in 2 different sizes: travelers, which will cost you $14.00 for 1oz and their full size which is $30.00 for 4oz. Meanwhile, Skindinavia offers only 2 sizes as well, their smallest being 4 oz and it will cost you $29.00 and their large size which is 8 oz and it will cost you $39.00.  Yes the prices are a bit on the steeper side, but, if you love UD as much then when you try Skindinavia’s other lines you’re going to love theirs even more because they are just that good! See UD only offers 3, while Skindinavia has entire lines from primer setting spray, finishing spray, primer and finishing spray for oil control, and their most famous one, their finishing spray Bridal.

I used UD’s setting spray and went on about my day and my makeup was perfect, even despite a bit of sweat here and there but it was still there. My face didn’t feel heavy, oily, or like I had shimmer. It was just perfect.

Do you have any favorite setting sprays that you swear by that aren’t on this list? Let me know, I may have to find another holy grail!