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Happy Monday! I hope that Daylight savings didn’t screw any of your internal clocks because it definitely screwed mine. Just as I was starting to get acclimated with the time change, it changes on me right in front of my eyes! I saw my clock go from 1:59 to 3:00!!! I feel cheated! I’ve been in New Orleans for a week and I have already experienced all four seasons in 5 days! 

Can you tell I’m a bit excited about that? I’ve been used to hot, hotter, and waiting room for hell and cold but ever since I’ve been here I had the opportunity to experience Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring… all in that order!

There is always so much to do and see here that I still haven’t had my fill! The following pictures are all from when we went to the French Quarter.

         There are many statues around the French Quarter, these were just a few.

   This is the sign right outside of the world famous Cafe Du Monde, I of course had to stop and get me a cafe au lait to go and some delicious beignets! 

We proceeded to go to the French Market and see all of their goods. It is pretty much an outdoors market where many of the locals sell their hand made goods and some seriously delicious food!

We continued down the French Quarter and stopped at some of the tourist shops that you can find all along the French Quarter and they are almost all the same. One thing I do have to tell you is that they are SERIOUS about their hot sauce and their names!      The picture above shows an actual very old hearse. Creepy!

  You will also find many street performers from tumblers to brass bands like this one or like him
 We continued on and we came upon some of my favorite things ever: Street Art!
         IM G_9794    We finally made our way and crossed the Mississippi River and saw some creepy cemeteries!

Hopefully next week I’ll do a post on the most amazing and delicious food I’ve been able to have (and hopefully I don’t gain ridiculous amount of weight!) as well as how beautiful and so much full of history the homes are. From plantations to your typical shotgun, colorful homes.