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It’s Monday! I hope that you all had a great weekend, and a restful one too! So far I am loving living in New Orleans. There is always something to do and I am taking full advantage of being a ‘tourist’ at the moment. Another reason why I am loving NOLA? In a much needed trip to Target I saw the huge difference in the retail pieces, but not only that, I actually FOUND the much coveted NYX Wonder Stick!!!

Yes that’s right!!! I was FINALLY able to get my hands on the ever eluding NYX Wonder Stick that I had talked about here. That post was written back in June of last year, ever since then I’ve been looking everywhere in Phoenix for it with no luck and it was always sold out online. So imagine my surprise when I saw it here in New Orleans! I mean yay!!! Also, there were only 2 left!!! Yes I snatched it like it was powdered gold! LOL!!!

I got home and I literally couldn’t wait to use it, and I did, and the results were amazing! I’ll write a full review and a step by step guide on how to use it.  For now, enjoy the pictures!

   I got the Universal shade and it was the perfect for my skin tone.

 I was actually surprised it came wrapped in this little protective film, but when I removed it I was glad that it was because the packaging feels like it would break if I was to drop it, even if it was in the box, I’m sure it would have break.

    I really can’t wait to show you guys how awesome this is, it’ll make your contouring and highlighting that much easier!

Do you have the Wonder Stick? Do you like it? What has your experience been with it? Love it? Hate it?