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Good morning! I think I am finally starting to get the hang of this thing called Daylight Savings. I don’t feel as tired anymore, which is a really good thing! When I first started hearing the words permanent makeup I would just cringe. Questions like “what if they mess up?” “how can they fix the error?” would always be a constant in my mind. But for all of you who have wanted to try permanent makeup I have a solution for you!

A few days ago I received in the mail by my good friends over at Occi’ Lash sent me an amazing semi-permanent makeup set!

  This is the Magic Styl’o Semi Permanent Makeup Pen.

This specific pen is for the lips and it’s in Peppermint Pink.
 I was a bit hesitant when I saw the color because it looks really bright, but as you can see, the color is actually really pretty, almost like a ‘just been bitten’ shade, which as we all know, that is always a great thing! 😉

Along with it came the Remover Pen
  Hallelujah! A remover pen! This made me really happy! I gave it a quick try, well, because my curiosity wanted to see how good it works, and it works!

And last, it came with a Lip Enhancer
   Yes, I quickly tried this as well and my lips were extremely soft and supple. It’s consistency reminded me of pure solid Coconut oil in the way of how quickly it applied onto my lips and how soft they were immediately after.

I am actually really excited to try it out! I mean, c’mon, a lip stain that won’t overly dry your lips, plus a remover pen just in case you make a mistake? And an amazing lip moisturizer? Sign me up! Stay tuned for the full review coming soon.

Would you guys try semi-permanent makeup over permanent makeup? I know that’s a silly question to ask, but hey! You never know!