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Happy Monday! I hope that you all had a great weekend! As I’m still learning all that is New Orleans, we headed out to see the Destrehan Plantation and it was amazing, so full of history. Also this weekend was the launch party for New Orleans Fashion Week and I had the opportunity to finally put the NYX Wonder Stick to the test!

I was really excited to use the Wonder Stick and I really put it to work. In this demo I started with just a BB cream as foundation and started my contouring and highlighting: 

Then I just contoured

After I contoured, I highlighted my face: on top of my cheek bones, on top of my jaw line, the bridge of my nose, my cupid’s bow, a bit underneath my bottom lip, and a bit on my forehead; more precisely in between my brows like so:

After I applied all the contouring and highlight, I applied my concealers and took my Real Technique’s brush and blended and buffed the contour all around my face. I took my Beauty Blender and blended the highlighter and concealer as well all together.

Here’s the finished results:   After I finished doing the rest of my makeup and hair this was the real final result 🙂

 The contouring stayed all night and worked great! I really made everything so much quicker and simpler and much easier! It cut my makeup application in half that’s for sure. I also applied a bronzer over the contouring as well but that was just my decision because I wanted more dept but it was not really needed.

Final verdict: Woohoo!!! Purchase!!! I really like this, seriously I do. I have read many comments about how the highlighter for many was too oily or that it cause their skin to break out or become much more oily but I have not encountered that problem. It does have staying powder and looks amazing when used as the “no makeup” makeup look. The consistency is very creamy for the contouring and not as creamy for the highlighter. I actually found myself having to go over the highlighting area a few times in order for me to get the amount of highlight that I wanted.

Over all this is a great product that is extremely fool proof! Anyone can use this, it’s that easy! Have any of you purchased this yet? Any luck in your area to find it? What about online? Would you use it?