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Today marks my first day at NOLA Fashion Week and I can’t wait!!! Last night I prep’d my kit, washed all my brushes, including my personal ones (which reminds me I didn’t wash my Beauty Blender – will do after I write this), and made sure I had enough disposables to last me until the weekend. I’ve also been wearing Magic Styl’o almost like a pro and I’ll have a review about it hopefully by tomorrow. Have you guys heard about Skin Inc? I had not until I walked into Sephora and I was more than intrigued!

Back in like 2001-2002 I started using Clinique’s face wash, toner, and moisturizer. It was my holy trinity for my face. I’ve never been prone to severe breakouts or having oily skin, and Clinique’s #2 line worked perfectly for me. I used it faithfully for almost 4 years until I started noticing that it no longer was giving me the same results. My face would get more oily that normal. I stopped using all together and started washing my face with Dove beauty bar. I’ve been using Dove since I was a baby as my body tends to break out with any other type of soap. I still use it today. What I’m saying is that our skin changes and not every product out there is going to be our best fit.

Enter Skin Inc. Skin Inc was founded by Sabrina Tan, she too had the problem of her skin changing and not having a product out there that would meet her needs.  Skin Inc has created a line of serums each to best suit your skin. You can mix and match the oils that will work with you skin for what you’re looking to achieve. Skin Inc is teaming up with select Sephora stores throughout the US and they are bringing you Skin Identity Technology which uses a series of questions to help you figure out your skin’s needs based on your genetic composition, environmental stressors, and hormones to give you the best serum for your skin and not just a generic one.

The serums in the collection are:
Ceramide – protecting sensitive skin
Marine Collagen – elasticity and suppleness
Hyaluronic Acid – replenish moisture for long term hydration
Licorice – has calming and antioxidant properties to soothe irritated and sensitive skin
Chlorella – fight dullness and hyperpigmentation
French Pine Bark – to enchance skin’s ability to energize and renew itself for firmer looking skin
Vitamin A – fights dullness and tired skin, especially around your eyes
Vitaminc C – helps reduce pore appearance and balance sebum production

Each serum can be customized into one. You don’t have to worry either in how to combine say, the Marine Collagen, Chlorella, French Pine Bark, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C (this would be my own cocktail of beauty in a bottle) together because they are all encapsulated in tiny alginate beads, suspended in liquid that burst once you rub them on your skin. Also the alginates, which come from algae and seaweed are naturally good for your skin, so the serums will all feel and will not give you that oily feeling that we all detest. The creation of this especially made for your serum will cost you $90.00

If you’ve been to your nearest Sephora and you have not seen this available to .you, then your store is not one of the selected ones. You can also go to Skin Inc here and try it out. I did mine and my combination came out to be: Collagen, Chlorella, and Coenzyme Q10. You can also purchase these individually for $45.00 each. They also have 3 sets called Get Glowing Custom Blended Serum for brightening your skin, Lines BeGone Custom Blended Serum, and Hydrate’em Custom Blended Serum for hydrating and soothing your skin and they will cost you $90.00 as well.

What do you guys think? Do you think this is something you would consider? I actually would. And I think my own blended custom serum was actually pretty good. I wonder if you can add more than 3 and if none of the ones that I chose cancel each other out… hmmm… that is a good question. Have any of you guys heard of it or tried their products? Let me know!