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Hello Dolls! Happy Monday!!! I hope you all had a really good weekend. This past week NOLA Fashion Week happened and it was a fast whirlwind and I apologize for not posting anything for the past couple of days. I also introduced you guys to Magic Styl’o Semi-Permanent Pen and I finally have a review for you!

This Styl’o, which is a really great play on the French word stylo which means ‘pen’ in French, is just amazing! I really like the versatility of it. So, knowing that fashion week was going to be just a go, go, go type of days, I wanted to try it during this time so that way I wouldn’t have to be reapplying my lipstick over and over again.

Before I used the pen I exfoliated my lips and proceeded to pat dry with a towel. I then I lined my lips like so
   As you can see I over lined my lips and made a mistake, but with the corrector pen I was able to fix the error like so

Throughout the day I just kept moisturizing my lips with the lip enhancer because honestly, it is fabulous! I love it! It keeps my lips super soft!

I also did my lips a little a la ‘Kylie’ to see if I could pull them off and keep them on for a while, and guess what? it worked! Check it out lol 😉

The effect that I wanted to go for worked. What I did was apply the stylo and wait for it to set a bit and then I blotted it off with some tissue, that way if the lipstick or lip gloss that I’m wearing over it fades away I won’t have to re-draw my lips.

Over all I REALLY LOVE this semi-permanent pen. It is very versatile and I have been using it on a daily basis perfecting my lips and making them a lot more plumper looking without it being permanent.  Also, these pens come in a variety of different colors and are not just only for your lips, you can use these for your eyes as an eyeliner so you can get up and go.  I highly recommend this to everyone that loves the simplicity of being able to just quickly do their makeup because of the advantage of this pen. Imagine doing the perfect cat eye the night before and waking up with it and not having to fuzz about it in the morning: genius!!!

If you are interested in these semi-permanent pens you can order them with my friends at Occhi’ Lash & Brow Studio by giving them a call at 630-785-6668 or going to their website OcchiLashes.com by and let them know that you read it on my blog! The lovely ladies at Occi will take your order and you should be receiving them fairly quickly!