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Hello all! I hope that you all are having a great day! If you celebrate Good Friday and Easter happy holidays to you! If you don’t, it’s a Friday! For today’s #ThatFriday post, I decided to include some makeup looks that would be simple and easy to recreate for your celebrations!

For Easter Sunday many people go to church and then head on to brunch followed by Easter dinner, which means many of us will be dressing up. Being that it’s a Sunday morning, I’m sure you don’t want your makeup to be bold as if going out to the club, so I’ve rounded today some looks that are easy to recreate yet simple and gorgeous!

This look is super simple yet very pretty. Define and sculpt your eyebrows, use some golds, bronze, and coppers and use that as your eye shadow, followed by lining your eyes with a thin/delicate cat eye, contour and highlight, and apply your favorite lipstick. Simple!

This is also very pretty and subtle, not bold. You can actually get away with doing a subtle smokey eye. Like here, highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a highlight or a gold eye shadow. When applying your eye shadow, opt for softer colors like muted grays or taupe. Rosy cheeks and a nude sparkling lips is all you need.

Want to go for a refreshed “no makeup” makeup look? This would be suitable for you. Notice how the eyes are the focus? With this look you want to use as much neutral colors as possible, like taupe, mauve, beige; line your eyes with a brown pencil and smudge it, then line your water line with either a beige or a white eye liner, apply mascara, and subtly contour and highlight and use some gloss to finish your look.

Another beautiful simple look. Use your metallic colors here like rose gold, copper, golds, and browns. Try a peach toned blush to highlight your cheeks and a pretty mauve for your lips.

This look will give you more of a pop of color if what you’re wearing something more muted. Notice the eyes are a muted soft grey with a hint of lilac for the lid. Line your water line with a bright eye liner. Contour subtly and highlight, don’t go over board because then you can ruin the look completely. Finish off by applying a bright, but not too bright lip color to complete your look.

Gorgeous! This look is just beautiful. Start with soft grays to get this smokey look along with some golds and coppers. Use a blush that has some added shimmer gold and more color to highlight your apples of your cheeks. Finish the look by applying a pretty lilac lip color or pink.

Want to have a bronzed babe beauty look? This look is for you. Use again, all neutral shimmer/metallic colors. Line your eyes with a black liner and smudge it. Use a bronzer all over your face and use a nude lipstick or lip gloss.

What do you guys think of these looks? Easy piece-y right? I hope you all have a great weekend with your family and friends and stay safe!