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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! My apologies for not posting anything this past Thursday and Friday. My laptop has been acting up to the point where it may force me to purchase a new one way ahead of schedule, as I want my next laptop to be an Apple and I have to save for it. I’ve also received several more semi-permanent Magic Styl’o pens in different colors and I can’t wait to show you guys all the things that you can do with them! Fluid Foundations, know what they are? 

Fluid foundations seem to be all the rave right now. But what are they? They are incredibly light weight, watery-looking foundations that offer medium to full coverage without having it to feel cakey or like you’ve put on a ton of makeup… actually, they feel as if you’ve just put on a light moisturizer on your face.  Also, with these foundations, a little goes a very long way, as it is said that a single drop will be more than enough for your entire face.

Here are some of the most popular fluid foundations and what they offer

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

This foundation transforms practically by contact leaving you with a soft powder like finish and is incredibly light weight and at a $12.95 price it fits with anyone’s budget.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation

This foundation is perfect for those that like the “no makeup” makeup look as this foundation’s finish is makes it look super natural and with a price tag of $7.69 it is just perfect!

Sephora Collection Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation

This foundation gives you the perfect daytime lighter coverage and a more full coverage during the night. This foundation melts onto your skin and is completely buildable for a light to medium coverage and it will only cost you $24.00 at Sephora.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

As with all NARS foundation, this is also to be applied with your fingers and it gives you a full coverage that is seriously long lasting. And by long lasting I am talking about 16 plus hours! Once applied, the finish will be a natural looking full coverage that instantly neutralizes redness and reduce discoloration to give you a more uniformed skin tone. This retails at $48.00.

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide

This is an incredible long wearing oil-free foundation that will have you looking as if you’re not wearing any makeup. It’s a two-part formula that delivers the most natural looking color and lightweight coverage first. Then the color-true pigments rest at the bottom of the foundation while reflective waters float to the top. This foundation has to be shaken before each use to make sure that the pigments blend flawlessly with the reflective waters to apply a fresh faced color every single time and will cost you $48.00 as well.

Givenchy Fluid Foundation Airy-Light Mat Radiance SPF 20-PA++

This is for those of you that might have an oily face. This fluid foundation dries to a perfect matte finish that doesn’t completely wash you out. This leaves you with a radiant matte finish revealing the fine texture and glow of the skin plus its also perfect for the Summer if you need a bit of sun protection and need something long lasting. This will cost you $52.00.

Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation SPF 19

If you want the flawless dewy model skin then this is for you. The weightless illuminating foundation formula will help you highlight the contours of your face and leave it with a dewy finish. This will cost you $57.00.

Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup Oil Free Broad Spectrum SPF 15

This foundation provides luminous long lasting coverage and also helps fight the signs of aging as with all of the Hourglass products. It also contains UVA/UVB SPF 15 protection ensuring that if you’re out and about you will be battling those effects as well. This will cost you $60.00

What do you guys think? I am actually excited about these foundations and I am seriously considering purchasing either the Sephora, Laura Mercier, Givenchy, and YSL. At this moment I am leaning much more towards Laura Mercier and YSL, followed by Givenchy. I really want to try Laura Mercier’s because of it being a two part foundation and the YSL because it’s like the Touche Eclat version in foundation, and we all know that Touche Eclat is like a dream!

What do you guys think? Any of you already using these fluid foundations? What do you think? Good experience? Bad? Let me know!