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Friday!!! Finally!!! Can you tell that I have been more than waiting for this day to come? Needless to say it has been a long and tiring week but I’m glad that it’s pretty much over and we have the weekend to relax and look forward to.

So I have a little confession: I finally tried out gel nails. But my experience wasn’t great. Unfortunately, the place that I went to had amazing and great reviews but none of the praise translated through to my nails. The service was quite awful and even after expressing how I wanted my nails done several times, which included nail extensions or tips (which can totally be done by the way with gel and not acrylic), the final product still was a disaster. As an unsatisfied customer I left without paying after a complete disagreement with the salon owner.  I’m sorry, but if I have to keep repeating myself as to how I want my nails, what color, and what shape only to have something completely different done, and having them redone 2-3 times and still not be what I wanted, I am not going to pay for a service I didn’t ask for. On top of that, they were charging me $60.00 for a service that clearly stated was $20.00!

Anyways, after seeing the process and watching several online tutorials on how to add tips/extensions to your nails with gel nails I feel confident enough that I can do this at home and that is what I’ll be doing come next week and I am so freaking excited!!!

So for today’s post I’ve gathered some pretty awesome nail inspirations from Instagram for Spring/Summer that are simple yet elegant, fun and funky, and bright!

       I actually want to try this! They just look so pretty!

  This will probably be a design I definitely do!


        I actually want this OPI nail polish so I can do some designs without the need of rhinestones.

     How adorable are these midi rings?! My gosh I want like 4 of them!

      Geometric and negative space nails are super IN this season!

   I LOVE everything about these nails!!!

 A lot of these designs are easy, some are wraps (like the one above), and others are stamps. Of course if you’re going to try and do any type of design on your nails just remember that A) patience is key B) you need to block your entire day because they can take up from a couple hours to 4-5 hours depending on how intricate the design in and C) you need enough drying power time to make sure it’s all set!

Have a great day and weekend!