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It’s the beginning of another new week! I hope that today sets the tone to what your week will be and I hope that it is a rad tone! A few posts ago I introduced to you Eva Mendez’s new makeup line Circa Beauty, well today, I’m introducing you another one that caught my eye and I know it’ll catch yours as well.

Who or what is Nonie?
This is Nonie. Nonie was the creative mind behind one of our favorite nail polish brand: butterLondon and she became Fashion Week’s most sought after manicurist.  She took a couple of years off after butter London and decided that she was going to launch her own line.

With inspirations such as Vivienne Westwood, the Sex Pistorls, and Alexander McQueen, she found herself fully drawn to Alexander McQueen’s S/S 2001 Show “Voss” which featured a naked woman in a box surrounded by moths.  This gave Nonie the now label’s main motif, a microscope image of a butterfly wing.

What sets Nonie apart is the packaging such as the ergonomic handles on the nail polishes, eye liners, and eye shadows.  The entire line is no more expensive than $20.00, which the eyeshadow palette being the most expensive of the line.

Here’s the entire line for you to enjoy:

Blurred Lines CC Cream

This is a CC cream with SPF 15 that comes in three different shades: light, medium, and dark and will cost you $16.00

Blank Canvas Liquid Foundation
This is a light weight silky formula that promotes an even skin tone complexion. It comes in 8 different shades: Porcelain, Buff, Nude Blush, Beige Sand, Suede, Golden Tan, Caramel, and Ebody. Each will cost you $15.00

Bashful Biscuit Blush/Bronzer Duo
A blush and bronzer in one to help you be able to sculpt and define your face. This comes in 6 different shades: English Rose (Rose), Peachy Keen (Peach), Pretty Pink (Pink), Rosewood (Dark Pink), Dusky Peach (Dusky Peach), and Beached Bronzed (Bronze). This powder will cost you $13.00.

Bashful Beauty Cheek & Lip Multi Stick
This is an oil free formula that you can wear on your cheeks and lips and it is long wearing. With three shades to choose from: Baby Pink (Pink), Shy Girl (Pink), In The Nude (Nude) and it will cost you $13.00.

Sculpture Contour & Highlight Duo
You can contour and highlight your face with this easy duo pencil. It comes in only three shades: light, medium, and dark.  Each will cost you $14.00.

Watercolour Wet/Dry Eyeshadow PaletteThis palette consists of it’s “Nude/Neutral” shades in 8 different shades and comes with a wet/dry brush that you can use in a very pretty butterfly wing palette. This palette will cost you $19.00.

Smoky & Smudgy
This palette consists in much more darker shades in which you can use to create dramatic smokey eyes and you can smudge them as well to give you that smudgy look. This palette will cost you $19.00 as well.

Liquid Liner
With it’s ergonomic butterfly wing handle, you’re guaranteed to be able to apply your liquid eyeliner in a breeze. It comes in six different shades: Black, Navy, Purple, Brown, Grey, and Green. Each will cost you $9.00.

Lash Ombre Mascara
I really like this mascara and how it is packaged and looks. Designed to give you the perfect ombre look for you lashes this comes in six duo shades: Blue/Black, Light Purple/Black, Green/Black, Teal/Black, Plum/Black and Turquoise/Black. Each will cost you $13.00.

Eye Design Shadow/Liner Duo
This is a sleek mechanical pencil like stick that is creamy and full of pigment. The colors blend to compliment each other and they are long wearing as well. It comes in eleven different shades: Rose/Black, Pearl/Black, Wine/Black, Peach/Brown, Royal Purple/Brown, Nude Frost/Navy, Gunmetal/Olive, Silver/Grey, Lavender/Grey, Gunmetal/Purple, and Mocha/Purple. Each will cost you $12.00.

Paint & Varnish Matte Lip Colour & Top Coat
You can choose to have a matte finish or a glossy finish and in six different shades you can find the best one that suits you: Mannequin, Retro Pink, Proper Pink, Full on Fuchsia, Coral, and Tangerine. Each will cost you $12.00.

Classic Lip Duo Lipstick/Lip Gloss
This duo comes with the perfect lip gloss to perfectly match your lipstick. In twelve different shades: Vintage Rose, Neutral Pink, Warm Berry, Tropical Pink, Classic Red, Iris, Vamp, Pumpkin, Rockabilly Pink, Blue Red, and Mannequin Beige. Each will cost you $14.00.

Colourwash Comfort Balm
This pampering balm comes with just a touch of color with intense conditioning formula that helps seal in moisture onto your lips and comes in four different shades: Pink Wash, Peach Wash, Berry Wash, and Plum Wash and will cost you $9.00.

Lip Design Sheer Colour/Liner Duo
Sheer lip color with a mid-pigment liner to subtly shape and contour your lips. It comes in 12 shades: Nude Beige, Antique Pink, Fig, Cherry, Dusky Pink, Coral, Grape, Wine, Red Apple, Rosewood, Watermelon, and Burnt Pink. Each will cost you $12.00

Matte Finish Topcoat, CC Cream Base Coat, Locker Top Coat, Nail Lacquer
Each nail polish will cost you $8.00. The polishes come in 35 different shades for you to choose like Frock Star (glitter), Cocky (pink), Shy Guy (light purple) and Mr. Big (dark grey).

The entire line is available now at Walgreen’s and on Walgreens.com.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure I’ll be spotting it real soon as I always stop at Walgreen’s for one thing or another. Although the line doesn’t really jump out to me to run and purchase, I am interested in the mascara and the blush/bronzer duo powder and stick. What do you guys think? Have you even seen it at your local store? Are you even interested in it?