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Taco Tuesday!!! I hope you all partake in this non-holiday holiday and eat some very delicious tacos! And some beers! I know that I’ve written about the Magic Styl’o Pens already, but I’m writing about them again because they have a lot of uses that I know can cut the time in half in some of our makeup routines and I’m going to show you what more you can actually do with them.

When I did the review, I mentioned how awesome they were because they are semi-permanent and you don’t have to keep refreshing them during your day and can go about your day without worrying of it disappearing.  The colored ones can be used as lip stains and they’ll stay put all throughout the day. Well not only can they be used as lip stains but they can be used for so much more!

I received a set of 4: Black, Espresso Brown, Plum, and Electric Blue. I chose these colors specifically because I felt that they could serve for many purposes.

The first thing I’ve been doing is playing with the Espresso Brown pen and using it on my brows. Now, my brows are fairly full but there are some areas where it could need some help with so I’ve been using it to fill in those areas and to sculpt them more to what I like with fascinating results!

I start with a well moisturized skin and let a good 20-30 minutes pass so that it is absorbed fully.  These pens will not work as great if your skin is too oily so make sure to pat away any excess oils. Trust me, it works best if it didn’t have any but we want your skin to be moisturized that’s why its important to let your moisture set.

 I started filling in the sparse areas filling them in, then I took a spooly and combed through it to distribute the product evenly then I applied more in the needed areas and again used the spooly to distribute the product to make them look fuller.

Then I took a cotton pad and got it wet and took the same pen and applied some of the product onto it like so

Then I used it to contour my face like this

Pretty cool huh!? I did the other side the exact same way that way

As you can see it contoured very subtly and super natural!

I used the black pen to line my eyes and you’ll see how quick and easy it is to get that perfect cat eye!

 It was literally the easiest cat eye I’ve ever done in my life!!! Once you’re done with your look make sure that you give your eyeliner several minutes for it to fully dry or else you might end up with a perfect lined crease!

This lasted me all day yesterday until I started working out and remembered I had makeup on. All I did was use a makeup remover wipe to take off majority of it, but my cat eye was still there, although lighter, but still there and my eyebrows were still perfectly done.

One thing I will say is that these pens work best if your skin is not oily and if you give them enough time to dry. Several times I ended up with blue creases on my eyes because I didn’t wait for it to set/dry and rushed through it, so just remember that! The pens in shades like pink, mauve, plum, or reds can be used as a blush as well just like how I did it with the Espresso Brown to contour.

You can order your pens here at Occhi’ Lash & Brow or call them at 630-785-6668 and let them know that I sent you!



Disclaimer: I was not paid to write about these products, this is my true and honest opinion of them.