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Hi Dolls!!! Today, well, it’s my birthday and like almost every birthday girl, we get glammed up and apply our best makeup, and that includes a fabulous set of false lashes. And guess who is bringing us some great pairs of lashes? NARS!!!

NARS will be releasing their line of 8 luxurious lashes on May 1st at $20.00 each, and yes, they come in the cute box that you see above! The lashes are made of all natural fibers and are made to look super natural and are also reuseable, which make the $20.00 totally worth it!!!

The lashes are named for the order in which the models walk the runway in a fashion show lineup. These faux lashes are perfect for enhancing your everyday look or adding drama and intensity for bold appeal. From full and thick, to whimsical and feminine.

Here are the styles and their names!

Numero 1
This lash was designed by Francois NARS himself. It was designed to compliment all eye shapes, effortless fringe, light weight, and not too long length wise. These lashes are perfect for those that like the more natural look but still give your eyes that extra pop that makes people do a double look.

Numero 2
These are medium-length false lashes with uniform volume from corner to corner, it’s full span makes them be more bold and gives your eyes that fullness.

Numero 3
Have you perfected your cat eye liner? Well these lashes were carefully crafted with graduated lash length to give you a high impact by giving you longer length at the end and have lift/curl to make your eyes really stand out.

Numero 4
These lashes give you a one step effect for longer, lifted, curled lashes, plus it’s sophisticated design instantly defines your lash line drawing attention to your eyes.

Numero 5
The lovers of the demi wispy lashes, these will become your favorite, they are dramatically curled with delicate wispy lashes that playfully adds a seductive and sophisticated look that you want.

Numero 6
This is one of the most dramatic set of lashes in the collection. They are extravagant, featuring black time design to give it a provocative length and curl. Even lash volume from corner to corner makes these lashes stand out.

Numero 7
Densely woven for high impact and high style at the lash line, balanced natural length and with a clean separate, plus fanned for added modern drama. These lashes are like you demi pixie, they give you length and fullness without it being too dramatic

Numero 8
You guessed it! These lashes are made for your lower lash lines. As you can see, they are not as long as your normal false lower lashes that are out in the market now, these are actually a lot shorter and will instantly open up your eyes.

How excited are we?! So far my favorites are Numero 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8. With 1, 5, and 7 being my top 3 out of the 5. I will definitely, definitely will be picking these up as soon as they become available and I will tell you all about them. They will be available May 1st exclusively at NARS boutiques and of course at NARS.com