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Yay!!! It’s Friday dolls! i’m sure you are all happy that the work week has finally come to an end and living life has come to a beginning once again. I am seriously looking into sleeping in and totally revamping my Instagram as i have not been posting anything in a long while.  Have you guys ever wondered who is the artist behind the MAC products are being launched? I have… and I am going to tell you who she is today.

How many of you remember this?
Yes, today’s That Face goes to Ms. Val Garland, originator of the beautiful makeup above for MAC
 Val Garland started her career in Australia as a hair dresser and by chance she had the opportunity to do makeup when a makeup artist for a shoot didn’t show up.  As a self-taught artist, she states that when she began she made a lot of mistakes but then started to really hone in on her craft.  After moving to London, she continued working in the makeup industry and was approached by Gordon Espinet, MAC’s senior vice president of makeup artistry, at Paul Smith’s show and was sponsored by MAC since then. After working with Alexander McQueen she used MAC consistently in all of his shows and that is when she first had her MAC team.

She’s worked with the greats such as Patrick Demarchelier, John Galliano, Dior, Nick Knight, Mario Testino, and Jimmy Choo to name a few, as well as celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kate Moss.

Here is some of her unbelievable work:

                     Talk about talent!!!! Ms. Garland, your work is just astonishingly beautiful and out of this world. Your view for beauty is just unbelievable and pure and full of inspiration for many of us. Many of us aspire to reach the level of artistry that you have and look up to you, thank you!

Val currently has an online three month course called Mastered in which she will teach you all the fundamentals of makeup artistry and business. The class begins on May 15 and admissions close on May 10th. The course costs US$1,350.00 and it is also interactive.

You can also follow her on Instagram here and on Twitter here and see more of her work here.


P.s. I promise to start posting more on my Instagram account 🙂