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It is Thursday, finally! Is it just me or do the days just seem to be passing us by? We’re almost in the middle of the month! Next thing you know Memorial Day weekend is here and we’re all going to be shocked that we’re not bikini ready! Speaking of Memorial Day weekend, YSL came out with their Pop Water Collection and it’s awesome!First, Cara here is just serving it up!!! This girl can really model and I think she’s beyond beautiful and great for modeling! Anyways, lets begin with this collection shall we!

Full Metal Shadow Metallic Color Liquid Eyeshadow
Yves Saint Laurent Full Metal Shadow is the brand’s first metallic-color liquid eyeshadows. They are pigment packed and the formula lasts up to 16 hours without creasing, flaking or fading and contains 40% water for a cooling effect and pure color payoff.

Here are the shades:

Grey Splash
Eau d’Argent
Taupe Drop
Onde Sable
Steamy Coral
Pink Cascade
Aquatic Copper
Dewy Gold
Misty Green
Wet Blue
They will each cost you $30.00 and I just freaking love them all!

Rouge Pur Couture Plump Up Glossy Stain
This glossy stain gives your lips an instant push-up effect with invigorating, hydrating formula that is enriched with hyaluronic acid and gives your put a fuller, more voluptuous shine that lasts up to 6 hours! This will cost you $36.00 and it only comes in Plump Up.

Pop Water Glossy Stains
This is the third revolution in the Glossy Stain franchise. Pop Water is formulated with water brilliance, providing 10 hours of hydration and a translucent pop of color. it’s applicator features a unique slanted tip and short soft bristles that allow for flawless and precise application. It comes in 8 shades: Dewy Red (201)Rouge Splash (202)Eau de Corail (203)Onde Rose (204), Pink Rain (205)Misty Pink (206)Juicy Peach (207), and Wet Nude (208). Each will cost you $36.00.

La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer
This is a new generation of nail lacquers that are both elegant and practical and it is presented in a sleek, elongated glass bottle with the brands logo. It is available in 4 trend setting shades for Spring/Summer, which are vibrant and dramatic. The shades are Rouge Wet (63)Fuchsia Rain (64)Rose Splash (65), and Orange Drop (66). Each will cost you $27.00.

You can purchase all of these at YSL Beauty online, Sephora, and your high end department stores now.

Ok, so I have to admit that the metal eyeshadows have really and seriously caught my eye and I kind of sorta want all of them! The Pop Water Glossy Stain is also another one that I really, really want to try. It makes me feel like the looks should be of a bit lip with gloss over it. And of course, the nail polish! I really want the orange drop and the Fuchsia Rain, they just speak to me!

What do you guys think of the metal shadows? Yay? Nay? What about the stains? Nail polish? Let me know!