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Hello all and happy Monday! I hope that yesterday you had a wonderful day spent with your moms or speaking with mom or remembering mom. I wasn’t able to spend it with her but I did call her and I spoiled her just like how I spoiled my mother in law as well. Oh! So finally this weekend I was able to put to really good use my nail lamp and finally got the hang of how to do gel nails! Yay! Now I didn’t record or take any pictures of it just in case it was another mess, but the results were good and I am so happy to say that I finally got it! There’s a picture at the end of the post of my nails. And speaking of gel nails, Ciaté has come out with their very own starter kit and it’s awesome!

With the never ending craze of having gel nails done in the comfort of your own home and not spending a lot of money we are now seeing more and more at home gel starter kits and Ciaté has joined the rank with them. This started kit comes with a 0.42 oz of Geltox Top Coat, and LED Lamp, hoof stick (what we like to call the orange stick), 1.05 oz Geltox Cleanser, and a 4-way buffer.  The pr-timed LED lamp instantly dries your mani in 60 seconds and maintains the shine. With everything you need to turn your regular nail polish into a smooth, smudge-free gel mani, this kit will extend the life of your nails and it also allows for easy polish removal with minimal nail damage.

This is the Geltox top coat that will transform your regular, yes regular nail polish into a gel nail polish.

It’s suggested use reads to clean your natural nails with the Geltox Cleanser and file your nails and apply your preferred base coat. Then paint your nails and wait for it to be dry for approximately 30 minutes.* Then clean your nails again with the Geltox Cleanser before applying the next layer. Once your are satisfied with how your nail polish looks, clean up any mistakes around your cuticles, and proceed to apply a thin even layer of Geltox top coat and place your nails under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. Your nails will be dry and sticky, but as always, clean your nails with the Geltox Cleanser and they will reveal the high, beautiful shine and you’re done! For extra strength and durability, apply a second layer of Geltox top coat and “wrap” (apply top coat to the tips of your nails” your nails and set again under the LED lamp and clean your nails afterwards with the Geltox Cleanser.

The price for this starter kit is $99.00 and you can find it at Sephora, any high end department stores, and at Ciaté online.

I’m sure you noticed my –*– up on top in regards to the drying time of your regular nail polish. I just have to let you guys know that depending on how thick, or thin, or the type of nail polish formula you’re using, this may take much longer to fully, 100% dry. Not tacky or dry to the touch, I mean, fully dry, so this may take much longer. To be on the safe side, I would wait at least an hour if you’re doing 2 thin coats of polish. If your nail polish is a bit on the thicker side I’d wait 2 hours to make sure it is fully dry.

What do you guys think so far? Do you think it’s worth the $100? Do you think it actually just wastes more time than a real gel mani where you can be done in like 30 minutes max (that’s if you’re doing some design)?


P.s. Here’s my nails:
 I added length by adding nail tips and curing them clear and then I applied my regular nail polish over it!