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Since I’m on a nail game kick, lets continue today with some more awesomeness that are nail polishes. Have you ever come across a high end nail polish, say, Chanel, and you were so in love with it but couldn’t afford it just yet? And you’ve searched everywhere for a dupe with no luck? Well, SuperDuper is here to solve all of those problems!

So what is it exactly? That’s simple: it’s an app that will find your high end nail polish brands such as Chanel, NARS, MAC, etc with affordable nail polish brands that do not break the bank! This app will give you much more affordable dupes for the popular sought-after luxury brand nail polish.  The idea was dreamed up by Lizzy Klein and it is only currently available for iPhone users (sorry my Android people). She was in Sephora looking for a specific brown MAC eyeshadow and knew there was a dupe out there but couldn’t find it and they wanted something that could be easily accessible for the consumer.

They started with the every changing and trending nail polish. For now they have Chanel, Christian Louboutin, MAC, NARS, Tom Ford, and Yves Saint Laurent. Their goal is to one day have dupes for makeup as well too.

Here’s how it works, I downloaded it myself and started playing around with it:

 There are the screen shots from their app when you download it. So lets choose something different.

 IMG_3863 (1) Chanel has 29 shades, Christian Louboutian has 17 shades, MAC has 16 shades, NARS has 12 shades, Tom Ford has 14 shades, and Yves Saint Laurent has 13 shades in which you can choose to dupe.

As you can see the dupe versions range from Essie to Revlon to Sally Hansen, to Sinful Colors! I am really excited about this app and best believe that I will putting a really good use to it!

You can download the app here (for iOS users), check out their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here.

What do you guys think? I can’t wait for them to develop the app more and maybe even start doing makeup as dupes, although, I believe maybe Makeup Alley is in development for that but I’m not quite sure. Would you guys use this as a guide to getting to finally have some luxe nails without breaking the bank?