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Hi! Yay, one more day for the weekend! Ever since moving to New Orleans I noticed that the air is a lot more rich in moisture. Obviously coming from Phoenix, also known as the desert, or the waiting room for hell, I’ve never really had any problems with my skin. But now that it is Spring and with more humidity in the air I’ve noticed that I’ve started to get combination skin, meaning oily T-Zone and normal for the rest of my face. As I noticed that my primer wasn’t doing it’s job how I wanted I was wondering if there was maybe a duo primer that could do the job but instead I found something else: Illamasqua’s Matte & Hydra Veil Primers.

I’m sure you all have heard of Illamasqua. It is one of the leading makeup company in the world with amazing products!!! So as a makeup artist, when I saw these two products my interest was piqued and I started reading more on them.

So what is it? So Hydra Veil and Matte Veil are products that both prime the skin to create the optimal base. Hydra Veil provides an instant smoothing effect, re-hydrates and clams dehydrated skin. Matte Veil provides an instant mattifying effect on the skin and controls shine.

Matte Veil (left) and Hydra Veil (right)

As you can see they are both very distinctly different looking.

Hydra Veil
Hydra is described by Glamour as

… adds an extra dose of moisture so your foundation and concealer doesn’t start to cake and look flaky.

This intensely hydrating formula gives your skin a radiant finish which helps give your primer and makeup an optimal base.

Hydra Veil
Pixiwoo described Matte Veil as so

… definitely helps to keep oil at bay. I found I could wear a dewy finish foundation without my face looking like the back of a spoon by lunch time. It gives you the versatility of being able to wear different finish foundations without worrying about your natural oils coming through.

This intensely mattifying formula gives your skin a primed matte finish, controlling shine throughout the day, evening, and provides your makeup an optimal shine free base.

Each of these primers will cost you $48.68 and you can order them here.

Ok, not going to lie or fluff this up but, I think there might be a misconception about these being actual primers. If you read their description, they say, especially for the Hydra Veil, it’s a base. maybe not necessarily a primer, but more of an additional hydration gel moisturizer. A tip that I would give anyone purchasing this, especially after reading the review for that Matte Veil, is that after you apply either of these primers and letting it be absorbed into your skin for approximately 20 minutes, apply your primer of choice. I can bet you money that for those having problems with oily skin and this not working for them, it is probably because they are using this as an actual primer, and it is being presented as one, but it is not working as one, so they are not getting the results that they want.

What do you guys think about this? Do any of you ladies have this? Would you consider using it? What about using both of them at the same time?


All photos courtesy of Illamasqua