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Happy Friday!!! I hope you all have some pretty awesome things to do this weekend! Mine will be pretty jam packed and that’s a good thing! But I hope that your guys’s weekend is more relaxed and that you do everything or nothing at all. In this time of creative minds and beauty, makeup artists that can also do hair are a double threat, and this man is definitely a double threat!

This is Kip Zachary

Kip has been in the makeup and hair industry for over 10 years.  As much as I Googled him for a little more bio, the only information that I could about him was that his love for makeup was born from passing by a MAC counter.  He loves making his clients feel gorgeous

He’s worked with celebrities from Christina Aguilera, Taryn Manning, to Gwen Stefani, and has been featured on Vogue, Vanity Fair to name a few.

He is a man of many talents, more specifically, he can do some pretty awesome hair, and that’s just a bonus! His makeup is pretty amazing, check it out!

FullSizeRender (1) The man is just truly talented!!! Did you guys see that french braid that he did? I love that! His makeup application is just stunning and flawless, true art!

Kip – like many, I love seeing your work on Instagram, it’s just amazing and inspiring! Keep doing more of it, because just like me, there are others that look at your work and say that they want to be able to achieve that as well!

You can follow Kip on Instagram here, see more of his work here and here.


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