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Hello! It’s Monday! Let me tell you, I’m still half asleep, going on my second cup of coffee and I still can’t wake up! Not to mention that I already spilled some coffee so I’m sure you know the feeling ;). How many of you struggle to set you under eye concealer with setting powder? Raises hand. Well, I think today I’m going to possibly introduce to you a really good setting powder specifically for under eyes that you just love as much as I do!

We all know about e.l.f. cosmetics: how super affordable they are and when they do something right, they do it right! And this is one of those products, that in my opinion, they have done right!

This light diffusing powder camouflages fine lines, dark circles and imperfections.  The silky powder adds a velvety finish ideal for wearing alone or for setting a cream concealer, and it also has Vitamin C & K infused formulas to help restore and strengthen skin for a revitalized appearance.

When I saw this little baby the first impression I had was “ooh! let me see this!” the second thought was “it’s only $3.00?! hell I’m taking it!” and I did lol.

I’ve actually been using this for approximately a whole month now but I just hadn’t gotten to write about it because I haven’t been diligent about applying it every day and because I had not been paying attention to it’s claims after it’s been applied. So this past week, I made it a point to pay attention to it, hence why I’m writing about it today.

  It comes in e.l.f.’s signature packaging of all black and sleek with a mini brush as well.

       Now, these pictures don’t really do it justice, but I hope that these do:
The powder is super fine milled and it is exactly as the two pictures above, pink and very velvety looking and feeling.  The powder is a baby pink shade with some shimmer but not so shimmery that you’re feeling like a disco ball under your eyes. But you can definitely see the sparkle, it too is very fine milled though.

I applied it after using Benefits Erase Paste to set it like so:
  Instead of using the brush that comes with it, I’ve been using a travel size Smashbox blending brush as my applicator. Sorry about the picture, but it was just too early in the morning for super bright lights lol 😉

Once I let it set for a bit I blended it out completely with a big fluffy powder brush and just applied any excess to the rest of my cheeks. Here’s the finished look.
 I took this picture in my office, facing the window for the best light possible. As you can see, the finish sometimes is a little pink if you apply too much, which I did (I need to look more awake than I really am right now lol), but ultimately it blends out beautifully with the rest of your makeup. The feel of it is really silky and not as powdery as you would think. It sets the concealer beautifully and it lasts all day, like seriously all day!

Since the powder is so thin and super silky I have found that it sets my concealer that much quicker and easier and it doesn’t crease into my fine lines and baby wrinkles that I am getting. It definitely creates the illusion of brighter eyes and blurs with the help of the concealer the imperfections. Also this has a long wear staying power, like, it lasts all day and even if you touch your eyes or rub your eyes it won’t budge. The only problem and complain I have is the brush. It really is not useful for the purpose of applying the powder. You definitely need a more fluffier brush than the one that it comes with.  Also, this is a very close comparison and works just as great as Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder… but that runs you at $22.00 compared to e.l.f.’s $3.00… so head on to Target get this!

What do you guys think? Would you give it a try? Do any of you have this?