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Can this week been over? See last week was an amazing week, all the stars were aligned and my makeup was always perfect. This week? Pfft, not so much! But like almost any girl, there are some things that will always put a smile on my face, and one of those things is Chanel’s Lumiere d’Ete Illuminating Powder 🙂This beautiful illuminating powder that Chanel has released for the summer is a limited edition version of their Illuminating Powder but in a bronzer! Embossed with a lush camellia blossom, this golden-bronzer powder adds sun-kissed radiance to the complexion, eyes, and decollete.

I love it’s packaging! The powder feels kind of like gel-like, meaning that it holds it’s form, but it’s soft and smooth and it is a shade in which you can build upon for up to a medium coverage. This powder can be worn really sheer too.  It works great on almost everyone’s complexion, unless you have a deeper complexion, then this might be too sheer and too pale but could be used as a highlighter or eyeshadow for your eyes.

As you can see, it applies great and it can be sheer, it can be applied heavy, and if you really wanted, it could be applied even more sheer by blending it out really good that way it gives you that amazing sun-kissed glow!

This baby will put you back $65.00 and you can buy it at Chanel online here or go to any high end department store.

What do you guys think? I’ve actually seen some dupes for this shade but I don’t think it really compares. I like the color only because it does remind me of a fake tan but I don’t know if I’d use it as much during the summer as I tend to get dark and this would make me look like I had a fake bad tan on.