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Ok, how many of you are ready for this holiday weekend? Don’t worry, I raised my hand too! I just hope that New Orleans has some pretty awesome pool parties or parties involving water! So yesterday I was semi-organizing my brushes that I use on a daily basis and I came to the realization that I didn’t like having them where I have them now and I started looking online for some cool, unique storing place and I found a really cool one that I wanted to share with you all!So what is this? This is Zen Cosmetics Makeup Organizer. It is being described as a glamorous storage unit that’s designed to hold onto your beauty essentials.

It is made silicone base that grips the base of your primping tools, also known as makeup brushes! But not only that, you can also place in them your pencils, tweezers, and lipsticks to keep your counter top looking clutter free.

How are these? I think this is a pretty cool and genius idea that, a guy, yes a guy, by the name of E. van de Bospoort from The Netherlands came up. He’s an industrial product designer and came up with this organizer.

It comes in teal, orange, pink, and gray and it will cost you $7.00. At the moment you can only order the orange color and you can order it here.

What do you guys think? Would this be something you would use? I think it’s quirky enough to look cool and cute and fun and give your counter top a bit of a cool personality. Let me know!