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Cheers for the freaking weekend, I drink to that!” I’m sure you’re all as happy as I am for this holiday weekend! I’m sure we can all need the extra day of doing nothing and just relaxing, hanging out by the pool and having a great time! And because of that, I’m sure many will be out in the beach or surrounded by some form of body of water so I wanted to bring you guys some fun makeup inspiration to try for this weekend!

These looks can be a little too much depending on what you’re going to be doing but just remember, you’re doing this for yourself and to have fun! They can also be worn for a night out at the club and even to hang out by the mall or getting some mimosas 🙂

With this look, if you don’t want to over do it with the makeup, what you can do is line your eyes with the same colors but just tone it down a bit. You can skip on the white and grey and grey with red. Remember to keep the rest very minimal and cleanThis bindi look is just gorgeous and super easy! You can do it with a white eyeliner and some jewels. You can intensify your eyes just like in the picture. This can be a very fun look for some day pool parties or festivals. This look is very subtle but still gorgeous. You want to extend your eyeshadow with a bold color. Don’t be afraid to experiment, just keep it light and build on it. We don’t want you to look scary This is another look that you can use with jewels or crystals. You can glue them on with your eyelash glue. Just make sure that your skin is completely clean and free of any moisturizer. If you’re already applied moisturizer or your makeup just make sure that you set the area where you’ll be applying the crystals with some setting powder Here’s another super simple look by Selena Gomez that just looks adorable you can wear anywhere
Vanessa Hudgens does the festival makeup, boho chic makeup, and beach makeup. As you can see, this would be a really freaking cool makeup to try for a day pool party or at night for a night of hard clubbing with your friends… heck I may even try this tonight! Love flash tattoos? This is another example of what you can also do with them! Want something that is fool proof? This here is as easy and cute! Want to glam at night? This would be a perfect look. Just remember to pull your hair back to give it more of an effect and line those eyes baby! Want to add color to it? You can do that as well Don’t want to try crystals? Try some bold eyeliners like this one and keep everything else natural and pretty. Make your eyes the statement Don’t want to melt in the sun while at the beach? Try a tinted moisturizer and some bold eyeshadows and lips and you’re good to go! Another pretty look that is no fuss, nor hard work, and looking like you just came back from the beach. This can be worn at night too Day drinking some mimosas with your friends? This look will pull you together with that messy top bun Or maybe you want to do something fun with your girls, this can be a look you all can pull off togehter!I hope you all have a great weekend and try some of these looks out! Also stay safe and wear sunscreen!