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I hope you all had a good holiday weekend! For those of you who were out by a mass of water like the beach or a pool, I am so jealous of you! It was muggy and raining all weekend. I definitely miss the Arizona summer weather! if you went to the beach, I bet you have an awesome tan that would just look amazing with some highlighter… and I’m bringing you a pretty luminous highlighter today!This is Hourglass Ethereal Light Ambient Lighting Powder.  The powder is this white by the way, it’s opalescent, sheer, with a touch of sparkle powder.  This powder is almost like a finishing powder, you apply it at the end of your makeup routine. This powder captures, diffuses, and softens the way light reflects on your skin. it also claims to soften the look of pores, lines, and your skin natural texture to a more even, smother looking skin.

This will cost you $45.00 and you can pick it up at Sephora or any high end department stores.

One thing I like about Hourglass’s other illuminating powders is that it gives you just enough of a natural finish that your skin doesn’t look cakey but it also doesn’t look shiny or shimmery either. what do you guys think? have you tried any of their illuminating powders? How do you like it?