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Short weeks are the best! I just had to say that! Every time I think of the Cannes Film Festival I automatically think Monaco, the French Riviera, and Chanel. I mean, they go hand in hand. And not to out do themselves or anything like that Chanel has their Mediterranee Collection that is just amazing!

The vivid skies and blue seas of the Mediterranean inspire a vibrant makeup collection. Bronzed skin and mesmerizing eyes create a radiant Summer look, while bold nails and colorful lips complete the effect.

I totally agree with that statement! This summer I am definitely going for more colorful eyes and bold nails! Let me just dive in (see what I did there 😉 lol) right into it:

Lumiere d’Ete, Limited Edition
I’ve already told you all about this awesome bronzing powder here!

Stylo Eyeshadow, Limited Edition
Yes, you may swoon! These are the best eyeshadow sticks that Chanel has made and they come this season in five shimmering, long wearing shades that is lightweight, water-infused formula that glides on effortlessly and cools lids.

Here’s a closer look to them:
This is a “secret shimmer”. Just because it’s a satiny purple finish when you apply it doesn’t mean that it won’t glitter/shimmer.

This is an intense teal/turquoise blue with a satiny finish as well but doesn’t have as much shimmer/glitter as Campanule does.

This is a beautiful shade for those that have hazel or brown colored eyes.

Laurier Rose
This is a rose gold that is shiny! It almost looks like chrome, this is a beautiful shade!

This is a luminous brown and if diffused a bit you’ll be able to see beautiful sparkle in it.

Here’s how they look swatched:
Each of these stylos will cost you $34.00.

Stylo Yeux Waterproof, Limited Edition
Another eyeliner in waterproof, sweat proof, smudge proof, and over all Summer proof! This will cost you also $32.00 and it comes in Orchidee, which is a vibrant purple.

Rouge Coco Shine
These new four shades are part of the permanent collection with the excpeiton of Aorosa, which is the beige shine. You can also get Reveuse which is beige rose, Insoumise, which is a coral, and Intrepide which is a pink. Each one of these will cost you $36.00.

Levres Scintillantes
These lip glosses come in Rose Pardis which is a pink-red and Allegria which is a limited edition rose. Each one will cost you $30.00.

Le Vernis
i LOVE all of these shades! These are all limited edition as well! Terrana is a taupe, Lavanda is the beautiful purple you see, Mediterranee is the gorgeous teal, and Coquelicot is the decadent red. Each will cost you $27.00

You can order all of these items on Chanel here or Sephora or at any high end department store.

What do you guys think? I love the stylos, the colors are just freaking fabulous and scream at me Monaco and Fiji and mimosas! I can’t wait for Super Duper to dupe these nail polishes!!!! Trust me I’ll be either doing the dupe or just purchasing them if I can’t find them!