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Have you ever woken up to just needing more sleep even after having 2 straight days of over 10+ hours of sleep? Yeah me too. But the power of makeup is great and the trick to always looking like you’ve always have had pure beauty sleep is in the eyes. And with these new Dior palettes, looking like you’ve lost sleep will never be a problem!

She has Dior eyes

These palettes were inspired by professional technique and textures. They let you create easy, stand out eyes, achieve flawless, sculpted eye looks and color graduation with these five semi-tones, while the designer textures allow for infinite layering with a sheer finish. These palettes features a powder base that smooths, evens out, and prepares lids for application of longer-lasting, eyeshadow color. Enriched with pearlescent pigments, its array of satiny eye shadows deliver high-pigment power with a luminous finish that creates a 3-D, sculpted effect. The shimmering highlighter imparts an ultra-fine film of light onto the eyelid, and the dense eyeliner finishes off the look by defining the eyes with an elevated matte glow.

These palettes come in five different shades:

Nude Pink
Each of these palettes are $62.00 and you can buy them on Christian Dior online here or at Sephora or at any high end department store.

What do you guys think of these new palettes? I like how the shadows are multi-purpose and you can definitely use them wet or dry to give the different dimensions that they are supposed to do. The price tag is a bit high but it’s Dior, you can’t fault the price.