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A few weeks ago I let you guys know about Ciaté’s Geltox Starter Kit and how pretty much I had jumped into the gel nail wagon and trend. I have for the past month been doing my nails with added tips for length with gel overlays and the staying power has been great! Well yesterday one of my nails cracked, and I don’t know about you, but if my nails are chipped or cracked, I feel like it’s just tacky and unkempt and l just hate it. So last night I removed them and I totally wished I would have had this Geltox Detox to make the process much easier!Ciaté’s Geltox Detox comes with everything that you would need to remove your gel polish off of your nails. This kit claims to be able to have your gels removed within 10 minutes and minimizes all the nail trauma with it’s drama free Dextox removal. When used along with Geltox, your nails are transformed back to it’s natural beauty and a stress free finish.

The kit contains a Geltox Detox Removal Solution, 2 Nail Wraps (the roll that you see on the left), Geltox Detox Serum, a Nail File, and a Hoof Stick along with a four-way nail buffer.

This kit will cost you $25.00 and you can get it at Sephora.

What’s cool and different about this removal system, to me, is the Nail Wraps. I could have gone for some of those yesterday! If you’ve had the pleasure of removing your own gels, you know exactly what I’m talking about! Removing gels are and can be sometimes such a big pain in the tushy! For now I am sporting my natural nails and from when I first used it, my nails have grown but they are still not at the length that I would like them to be, so for when I do my nails again and add the tip for length I’ll have a full post for you guys with step by step instructions just in case you too want to add length to them.