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Ever seen runway shows and saw the models walk down with some awesome graphic liner? Ever tried recreating that same look? 9 times out of 10 you will not get the same look and sometimes it could be because of the tool and not because of the technique. Enter Diorshow Pro Liner. Like a visionary architect, the Diorshow Pro Liner pen gives a singular sense of structure to the eyes. It’s revolutionary beveled tip takes its inspiration from the techniques employed by the House’s makeup artists backstage at the shows. The pen allows the wearer to create customized lines thanks to a slick of liquid liner, with the application ease of a pencil and an optimum hold.

Being waterproof, it makes the pencil glide with the intensity of a liquid liner. Retractable tip hugs the lash line for an instant buildable line, from thin to thick. The beveled tip does not require sharpening and retains its ergonomic shape with each application. In 6 shades: Pro Black, Pro Brown, Pro Blue, Pro Grey, Pro Khaki, and Pro Purple each will cost you $32.00.

You can purchase is Diorshow Pro Liner or you can go to your local Sephora or high end department stores to get your own.

What do you guys think of this liner? It definitely reminds me of Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner but obviously this is in pencil. I’ve heard that not many people were quite as satisfied with it, maybe this would be another option for them, I mean, they both cost the same, why not try it right? I think I would be more inclined in trying this than Benefit’s but that’s just my opinion.