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It’s Thursday and we’re one more day closer to the weekend. I know many of you start your weekend today…. lucky! Urban Decay has yet come out with another item that is making us want to throw our hard earned money at them, this time, it’s in a build your own palette!

Build your beauty arsenal one eyeshadow at a time with this collectible and completely customizeable 4-pan palette. The newly redesigned shadows pop out of their compacts and into these palettes to create the ultimate travel friendly collection.

This palette comes with Melt, a never before seen, sheer, shimmery, peach shade you won’t find anywhere else, named just like the palette, with an $18.00 value.  This palette will cost you $12.00.

Moonflower comes with copper/peach shimmer with a subtle silver sparkle. This palette will cost you $18.00, but it is on sale right now for $12.00.

Nirvana does not come with an eyeshadow pot, and it will cost you $10.00.

Rebound doesn’t come with an eyeshadow pot either, and this too will cost you $10.00.

You can buy Melt here.
You can buy Moonflower here.
You can buy Nirvana here.
You can buy Rebound here.

What do you guys think? Honestly, I won’t be purchasing them because for the regular price of $18.00 I could get a Z Palette that could hold so much more and any size or a 12-pan insert with palette from MAC for the exact price. I do love the decoration of it, it is dope, and I like that it is travel size, but it is not something I’m jumping up and down for. Are you?