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Guess what day it is?! Well of course, it is Wednesday, middle of the week already! It definitely is flying by don’t you think? I’m actually excited about this collection, why? because I love the way they all sparkle and I had the opportunity to try one and I can’t wait for the rest of them!Le Disko, where glitter and glamour intoxicate and colour gets physical. It’s all see and be sceneDazzleshadow – Limited Edition
Exceptional, sparkling shadows offer a mix of unique colors and finishes that stand out from the crowd, providing maximum shelf appeal. Rich pigments adhere to the lid, remaining true to the color you see in the pan, imparting eyes with beautiful, twinkling sheen. Innovative liquidform bridge texture creates the perfect union of a cream and powder. Unique formula creates a multi-dimensional, reflective surface leaving lids looking dazzling yet delicate. Performance driven liquidform texture allows for superior adhesion and performance, minimizing fallout and giving a brilliance not found in a traditional pressed eyeshadow.

Here are the shades:
She Sparkles – light grey with silver sparkles
Last Dance – peach beige with pink sparkles
Let’s Roll – red bronze with sparkles
Try Me On – deep blue green with sparkles
Say It Isn’t So – dark grey with pink sparkles
Can’t Stop, Don’t Stop – deep plum purple with sparkles
Let’s Boogie – black with sparkles
Boom Boom Room – light burgundy with emerald sparkles
I like 2 Watch – mid-tone brown with gold sparkles
Slow/Fast/Slow – bronze with red sparkles
Get Physical – purple with light blue sparkles
Feel the Fever – deep blue purple with pink sparkles

Each eyeshadow will cost you $20.00

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner – Limited Edition
247 Flat Shader Brush
These liners are just awesome! Nocturnal is a bright silver pearl and Pure Show is a bright yellow-gold pearl. Each will cost you $20.00.

The brush is a Flat Shader Brush and it will cost you $25.00.

Dazzleglass – Limited Edition
These are all limited edition they are just gorgeous! With shades being:
Rollergirl – nude with pink pearl
Sugarrimmed – pale white beige (repromote)
Phiff! – sheer neutral beige with orange undertone (repromote)
Cherry Popping – fuchsia with purple pearl
Boys Go Crazy – dark purple with blue undertone (repromote)
Each wil cost you $20.00.

They will all be available on June 18th in all stores and they are already available online.

Honestly, I think this is one of the few collections that I really like and I really want ALL of the eyeshadows. Seriously, I want them all! I also want the Dazzleshadow, all of them as well lol. What do you guys think? Would you purchase these shadows or liners or the Dazzleglass? What about the brush?