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Yay! It’s finally Friday!!! I hope that you all have a great plans for this weekend. The week sure seem like they are just flying by! I mean next week we’re going to be in July! Half the year is gone already! So far, have you achieved everything you had set out to achieve in the beginning of the year? I hope so! Today’s #ThatFace goes to an amazing Latina with superb talent!

I’m speaking about Alejandra Barraza, better known as @makeupartistALE
This talented woman came to the US at the tender age of 15 from Peru not knowing any English and fell in love and her passion started from watching her mom work in her own salon in Los Angeles.  She worked hard to achieve her dream and now she is the co-founder of TNT Makeup Academy, TNT Agency, and TNT Cosmetics!

Since growing up watching novelas, it inspired her by always watching the actresses always looking glamorous and with perfect makeup regardless of what the scene was. Now, she is the beauty expert at Univision and has worked with countless celebrities like William Levy, Marco Antonio Solis, Lili Estefan, and Alejandra Guzman to name a few. Oh, and just so you know how good she is, she has earned the Best Hair & Makeup award for 4 years in a row at the Latin Grammys. Yeah.

Here’s some of her work
Talented right!? Mrs. Barraza, your story of achieving the American dream is amazing! It’s truly an inspiration for anyone who is wanting to achieve their dream, that hard work and dedication does pay off!

You can follow her on her Instagram here, follow TNT Agency here, and on their Facebook here.