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Happy Friday! I hope that you all have something planned nice for the weekend! This artist is talented and I stumble upon several of her work almost every time I log in to Instagram and every single time I go to her page and just admire her work… I’m such a dork for not showcasing her sooner!

This is Leslie-Ann Thomson
Leslie-Ann realized while studying at Haute Couture that makeup has a big impact in fashion as well to where the look becomes the next big thing. She is a self taught makeup artist and was able to work with huge brand names like NARS, Yves Saint Laurent and Laura Mercier. Because of her understanding of fashion and makeup she’s become one of the most sought after makeup artist in Canada.

She’s worked with everyone from Elizabeth Arden, LancĂ´me, Dermablend, La Roche Posay, MTV, Virgin Mobile, ALDO, Roman Coppola, Max Abadian, Chris Heads, and Amber Rose to name a few!

Here’s some of her work:
             You really have to agree, her work is stunning! I love how she’s able to mix eccentric, eclectic, and everything together to have the final result just be beautiful! Ms. Leslie-Ann your work is really inspiring, the looks are just gorgeous and inspirational to many of us! Thank you for sharing this talent of yours!

You can see and know more about Leslie-Ann by following her Instagram page here and checking out her entire portfolio here.


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All pictures courtesy of Leslie-Ann’s portfolio and Instagram