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Happy Tuesday! Man, do I need some serious coffee today!!! I don’t know what it is but my energy levels are way below normal standards! Anyways, as a tattoo lover myself, when Kat Von D announced that she was creating her own beauty line I was very excited because I knew that her line would be different and full of pigment and dark colors. To my and many other surprise, the line turned out to be better than expected!!! And Christmas in July has never been sweeter as she’s revealed her new palette!This is the preview of Mi Vida Loca Remix eyeshadow palette that is slated to be released for this year holiday season!!! Kat released this on her Instagram on the 7th of July letting us know that it is an assortment of 24 shades including 7 neutrals to anchor the bright colors.

There really is no other information other than what we have and what she has given us but just by looking at the colors and how vibrant and pigmented they are I really do hope that they also swatch as good as they photograph!

We’ll definitely have to wait until the holiday season to get a bit closer to know a lot more about this palette. Are you guys excited? I’m not going to lie, I actually like the color scheme of this palette, it’s bold and bright and the neutrals give you an opportunity to really play with every single color in it!