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Happy Tuesday! Remember, as it is Tuesday, tacos and beer are almost a must do! And if you don’t, then that’s ok! Because Fall is already around the corner, that only means that we are about to start seeing a lot of holiday palettes that are about to start coming out and this palette I think will become a cult classic.Behold, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, Bronzer Powder Palette was previewed by SpaceNK and it is a palette that will most likely be part of the holiday craze that everyone will be happy to get. The palette includes a powder from their Ambient Lighting collection from bronzer to blush to the original powder. Since this is an early sneak peek preview there is not much information out on it yet, but definitely stay tune!

Oh my gosh… I kinda sorta like this… A LOT!!! I really love Hourglass’s cosmetic lines, especially their Veil Primer which is freaking awesome, but I also love their highlighters, especially their blush, it just gives you that perfect rosy from within with a hint of glow that’s just right for any skin tone. Plus, this palette would be perfect for strobing!!! Are you looking forward to this palette?