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I love a great mascara. No, scratch that, I will pay a good penny for a good mascara. For the longest time I was a faithful user of Maybeline’s Lash Stylist. Do you all remember that mascara? I used to buy two at a time, that’s how much I love it. It made my lashes look like I was wearing falsies! Then they discontinued it and I cried. But alas, it seems like MAC has answered my prayers and I’m here to share it with you!

Look up to soaring new heights with Upward Lash. This mascara alters reality by turning your lashes into total shape-shifters, creating high-rise levels of volume, length and curl in seconds. The secret lies in the moulded brush with a hollow centre that retains a large reservoir of mascara for instant loading onto fringe.

This mascara will cost you $22.00 and is available now online and will be soon available at MAC stores.

I really hope that they carry a waterproof version of this mascara because I seriously want to try this like asap! Unfortunately, I am one of those girls with extremely curly hair but super straight lashes that unless I use waterproof mascara, the moment a regular mascara touches my eyelashes they get straight and look awful… the irony!

Do any of you use MAC mascaras? Which is your favorite mascara? Let me know, I’m always game for new mascaras and I’m praying to Benefit that they come out with a waterproof version of They’re Real!