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It’s Monday and we’re already past the middle of the month. Good grief the month is flying by way too quick!!! I don’t know how many of you saw this, but Cover Girl is really going for it with their Star Wars collection!!!

The amazing and uber talented Pat McGrath is the responsible person for this amazing look in her take of Star Wars for Cover Girl!  She dreamed up six galactic looks using the makeup in the collection, three inspired by the light side and three inspired by the dark side.

The first two of six beauty looks were revealed last week. Droid appears to be inspired by C-3PO’s golden finish, with shimmery and illuminated lids, lips, and cheekbones. CoverGirl Star Wars Lipstick Colorlicious in Gold #40 may not be for everyday wear, but it looks fun for a night out. Of this look Pat said that she wanted her to “look beautiful, with strong gold eyes and gold lips.”

Stormtrooper has a black-and-white graphic feel, not unlike the soldiers’ uniforms. Channel your dark side with winged liner, contoured cheeks, and dark lips. CoverGirl Star Wars Lipstick Colorlicious in Dark Purple #50 is right on target for fall’s ’90s-inspired vamp lipstick trend. For this look Pat said since the Stormtrooper is a solder, so the makeup look is intercut with a strong grapfic eye and a very dark-berry lip.”

Star Wars Lipstick

Colorlicious Lipstick! The collectible caps are also limited edition along with the shades. You can choose from six shades — one for each look created by makeup expert Pat McGrath. The shades are:
Droid – Gold #40
Lilac – #20
Nude – #70
Stormtrooper – Dark Purple #50
Red – #30
Silver – #10
Each will cost you $7.99.

Star Wars Mascara
The SuperSize is the only mascara with a specialized Lash Styler. With a narrow core and shorter bristles, the Lash Styler allows lashes more direct access to the mascara for explosive first stroke impact. End-look lashes are not only dramatic and more voluminous – but 400% bigger. SuperSizer formula stays flexible long enough to play, sculpt and style lashes corner to corner.

The 10 SuperSizer Mascaras are divided into 5 Light Side, which are all waterproof, and 5 Dark Side, which are regular, which include iconic Star Wars movie lines, unique to their corresponding side!

Dark Side:
“I Will Finish What You Started”
“There Has Been An Awakening”
“Indeed You Are Powerful”
“You Will Meet Your Destiny”
“Immune To The Light”

Light Side:
“May The Force Be With You”
“Do, Or Do Not, There Is No Try”
“You’re My Only Hope”
“I Can Feel The Good In You”
“Luminous Beings Are We”

Star Wars Nail Polish

Limited-edition Nail Gloss packaging and shades will be available in Light, Nemesis, and Red Revenge. Each will cost you anywhere from $4.99-$7.99.

The entire collection will be available online on September 4 – May the Fourth be with you – and then available in retail stores mid-September so make sure you’re ready for this release!

I really like the entire line but what I am most excited about is the mascaras!!! Did you guys see the brush!? Eek! I’m excited about it! It reminds me of the one I used to wear, I just hope the formula is good too and hope that they come out with a non-limited edition one because if it is good I’ll probably be purchasing it over and over again. How do you guys like the collection? What about the makeup?! Oh my gosh, just when you think that Pat can’t surprise you, she does it again!