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So I haven’t been posting as of late, my apologies, I’ve been steadily working on my site and I finally have it to how I want it to be. The only thing is whether or not I should move Haute Makeup or keep it incorporated. Anyways, hopefully I figure it out sooner than later so I can go live :)! Speaking of live, did any of you see the sneak peek of the new Vice Palette?!

I may be late with it, but better late than never right?! Around a week ago, Urban Decay’s founder, Wende, released these two awesome pictures

To tease us all! This would be I guess Vice 4?  But did you see the colors? They are looking amazing, and the great thing is that their “coming soon” most likely mean that they will be releasing this for the holiday season which is literally a block away from us all!

Do you think there will be new colors added to the palette or will there be repromoted shades again? I hope that they introduce a lot of new shades to get us all excited! I still think many of us are stuck still on the Naked Smoky palette 😉