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Friday eve, thirsty Thursday… it is here, which means the weekend is practically here as well! Which also means that many will start their weekend today and will probably have a rough morning come Friday, but no worries, that’s what YSL is telling us with their new Top Secret Instant Moisture Glow!Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow has an ultra sensorial texture that durably hydrates the feel of skin and carries the blurring technology of an invisible foundation. Within seconds, skin adopts the feel of softness of satin.

This should be applied all over face before putting on your makeup for an instantly hydrating feeling while it locks moisture.  Throughout the day it gives you on the go hydration that leaves your skin radiant.

YSL Top Secrets is an innovative skincare range dedicated for makeup lovers that offers multitasking products for your skin. This Instant Moisture Glow is ultra light weight and is bursting with hydration for 72 hours.

It is available now at YSL UK for now and it will cost you approximately $52.00 – $65.00 once it is released in the US.

I kind of want to try this out to see if it is true! I already own their foundation, maybe I should add this to the collection and try the whole thing out together and separate to see the results! Any of my UK readers own this? Can you let me know how you like it?