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I hope you all had a great Labor Day Holiday spent with loved ones! With Fall practically here, more and more our favorite designers are coming out with their collections. Frankly, Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons because of the clothes but also because of the makeup and I am so happy about it! Fall just makes, to me, everything more elegant, and Givenchy is serving us elegant in a retro form way!

Givenchy’s Vinyl Fall collection is a vinyl inspired with classic shades and nothing really over the top, just pure elegance. With their new Metallic Reflection Palette, it’s casing calls for rock’n roll touch which is very vinyl inspired!

Metallic Reflection Palette – Limited Edition
This palette includes 4 new shades in soft pink, violet, and browns all with a shimmer finish. The eyeshadows contain their new metal aquarelle formula with aluminium powder pearlescent particles which are all coated in a thin layer of silica. This palette will cost you $60.00.

Along with the Vynil collection they are including their Blush Memoire de Forme in Rose Delicat which will cost you $37.00; Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat in Noir that will cost you $31.00; Liner Vynil in Noir as well which will cost you $31.00; Le Rouge in two different shades: Rouge Acajou and Rouge Intense which will cost you $36.00 each; Gloss Revelateur Intense in Pinkish Red which will cost you $31.00.

Each of these items are all available now at Sephora, Givenchy online and also at your high end department stores.

I really thought that this line was going to be a lot more…. I don’t know… darker, or more actual rock’n roll than “vynil”. Know what I mean? I just leaves a lot to want. What do you guys think?