Hi everyone! It’s finally Friday! The weekend is here and I hope that you all have some awesome plans for it. Fall is definitely here now. Asides from already getting my first (and hopefully my only) cold, I am just happy the weekend is here. And as promised, my first video. 

But just as the title states – blunders – this video came with super high frustrations and road blocks.  Let me correct that, they weren’t road blocks, they were cinder block walls placed at every turn, nook, and cranny!  I don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated as I was this whole week while making this video.  Here’s why: a) I came to the realization that if I’m going to be doing videos that I’ll need a better laptop, preferably an Apple laptop; b) Windows 10 sucks; c) because of lousy editing software, my video is over 20 minutes long! and finally d) my laptop sucks.

As I am typing this the video is being converted for the 3rd time so I can post it for you guys and watching it being converted as alerted me to another issue: the video editing program that I used has a watermark that stays on during the entirety of the video!!! So there goes another issue that I’ll have to work with. 😦

So, here’s the video……  yeah, there is no video. Why? Because it’s too big!!! (No pun intended at all).

I will be working on this same video during this week until it’s perfect. I promise I will deliver a video, even if it takes me full day dedication on editing it.