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Middle of the week already! This week has been flying by! Speaking of flying by, do you have your Halloween costume ready? I finally got to it after coming up with a couple’s costume for me and the Mr, it should be fun! You know what also are fun? Brushes, makeup brushes that is!

MAC released their Magic of the Night Collection last week, which is pretty much their part of their holiday collection, and let me tell you, it’s awesome!!! I know I haven’t written about it, I’m so sorry!!!

What I do have for you is this!The Essential Enchanted Eve Brush Set includes five essential brushes for beautiful eye and cheeks look.  The entire set are “travel size” or a bit smaller than the full size versions of the brushes, but they are still technically the same size as the full size. Did I confuse you? Basically, these brushes are shorter. That’s it.

The set comes with a gorgeous jewel toned clutch, or more like a wallet, in which if you wanted to store your brushes you can, or you can use it for money!

See how slim it is? That’s why I said you can use it as a cash wallet. I know I am seriously considering it 😉

The set comes with five brushes:

168 Large Angled Contour Brush
133 Small Cheek Brush
221 Mini Tapered Blending Brush
239 Eye Shading Brush
219 Pencil Brush
All of these brushes are amazing. I know that as a MAC Artist myself, I get to use these on a daily basis, but as a normal artist, I have to say that these are literally almost every brush that you could possibly need to create amazing looks.

This entire set costs $52.50 and they’re available now at your local MAC stores, online, and at high end department stores.  Also, there are 2 more brush sets that you can purchase as well: The Basic and the Mineralize Brush Set. They all cost the same and each come with the same clutch.

I still have yet to use these brushes, but I do use them at work every day. I can not stress enough that while yes, the normal size brushes at MAC are pricey, I can tell you that they’re an investment. If there was anything that I would purchase, the brush sets would be it. You really don’t need the full size since these are more than capable of doing their job.