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Fall is here. I mean, it’s been here, but now that we’re in November it is only fitting that it “officially” is here, right? We can now say bye to our Summer hair, lips, and beaches and hello to vampy, moody, and beautiful dark looks to close out the year!

Many of these trends you maybe wouldn’t have thought about, but they are just perfect! With the “90s” making a comeback in the makeup department, some of these looks we’ve all worn at one time or another are starting to become relevant again and I love it!

A smokey cat eye will be all the rage. You can achieve this by using a Kohl pencil and a brush to be able to smoke out the look but at the same time keep the structure of it.

Glossy eyes are going to be a big thing this Fall/Winter season but it can be a bit tricky to pull it off. For this look you want to choose a shade that is neutral but has just a hint of shimmer to draw to the eye. Then you can use a multipurpose balm and with your index finger spread it on each lid. Little goes a long way. Next take a clean fluffy brush and distribute the balm by softening the edges by going all the way along your brown bone. This will keep the gloss from traveling too far up your eyes.

Add a pop of color to the inner corners of your eyes to really make them stand out and pop against a smokey eye.

The ‘I just woke up from partying all night and forgot to remove my eye makeup’ look is going to be big as well.  This “worn in” look can be achieved by lining your eyes with a Kohl liner and smudging it with a bit of an eye shadow and a brush to distribute it all over your lid evenly.

This season it’s all about dark, moody, vampy, rich plums, reds, and even some purples. Make sure that your lips are exfoliated before hand in order to achieve a perfect lip look.

With darker lips is all about balance. You can wear a smokey eye and have bold lips!

Don’t be afraid to try a red! You’d be surprised how put together and classy it looks and how it can instantly change your look.

When using a matte lipstick it is super important that your lips be healthy and smooth. I mentioned earlier that you can exfoliate your lips and here’s the recipe: take a teaspoon of granulated white sugar, half a teaspoon of olive oil, and half a teaspoon of honey. Mix it all together and apply to your lips in circular motions. Once all of the dead skin has been removed, rinse your lips with luke warm water and apply freely and as much needed lip balm. Your lips will thank you!

Don’t be afraid to try a color that you wouldn’t normally pick out on your own. Remember, it’s Fall/Winter, we normally gravitate to darker tones, give it a try!

Your skin should always be healthy, some of these looks can wash you out so make sure that you’re either using a light bronzer or highlight your face where needed. It’s ok to mix metallic eye shadows and a brown lipstick! Don’t be scared!