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Happy Wednesday! Wait, no, today is Thursday right? Ah jam it!!! I need to pay more attention to these days going by so fast! My apologies for the missed post yesterday, this was supposed to go up but I put the wrong date. I messed up because I’ve been obsessed with the release of Balmain x H&M Collection that was released today and I just haven’t stopped thinking about it. January can’t come quick enough so I can get my hands on the new MAC Viva Glam x Ariana Grande collection. 

Good girl? Bad girl? Glam girl? Ask #VIVAGLAM Ariana Grande! Go deep dark in her matte plum Lipstick, or good, good in shimmering pink Lipglass.

Ariana Grande has become a Viva Glam Spokesperson for MAC! And as a MAC artist myself, I can tell you now that this collection is going to sell out immediately. You. Have. Been. Warned.  Why am I stressing this? Because this is a matte plum lipstick and that alone is going to have everyone, including myself, rushing to purchase it because it’s a deep, purple, matte plum.  The Lipglass is a shimmering pink that can be worn alone or over the lipstick.

If you’re not familiar with what Viva Glam stands for, let me educate you on what it is. The Viva Glam Campaign started back in 1994 as MAC Aids Fund and it was created by MAC artists. This lipstick, it’s first of it’s kind, in a passionate red and had RuPaul as it’s Spokesperson, raises awareness and money for AIDS at a time when the pandemic dramatically affected the fashion makeup communities. 100% of the proceeds of every single Viva Glam product goes directly to men, women, and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Oh, and just in case you didn’t know, but your local MAC donates the Viva Glam proceeds to your own community and organization that help those affected by HIV/AIDS.

The collection will be available in January 2016 with the lipstick costing you $17.00 and the Lipglass costing you $15.00.

Ok, so tell me why this looks very much like Instagator AND Cyber?! Seriously, it really does. At the same time though, I can definitely see and can tell that it is going to be almost like a very rich, deep grape, almost jewel toned, almost like a Japanese Purple. If you pay close attention to Ariana’s lips you can tell she’s wearing the Lipglass over it, but the lipstick looks like a very deep grape shade of purple. Will you be purchasing this?